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It's really weird to think how much my life has changed in the two years since I started this list. I moved to a different city, have a different job, so much has changed in terms of priorities and life options. I'm still managing a steady one thing a month, I keep trying to up the rate but having no success.

No. of Items Completed: 27

Tried 5 different kinds of tea
Make my own pizza
Make an iTunes playlist of my 101 favourite tunes
Find a new job
Donate 20 things
Make a photo collage
Watch a shinty match
Visit the Orknies
Go Vegetarian for 3 months
Go to 10 museums
Eat in 10 new restaurants
Make a calender from my photos
Make some sound art
Watched The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Wrote my Name in the Sand
Read 10 non-fiction books
Tried Yoga
Went on a Roadtrip
Baked 10 times
Learned to knit socks
Watched a live curling match (a tournament even!)
Watched a live ice hockey game
Make a list of 30 recipes I want to cook and cook them
Made a documentary
Gone to 25 gigs
Watched 25 documentaries
Made a pie on Pi Day

Progress Made
Ask 20 friends to suggest one book and read them all (8/20)
Do the 50 books poc challenge (16/50)
Listen to 10 books on tape (8/10)
Watch a movie from every year since moviemaking began (35 years accounted for)
Complete a Walk to Mordor challenge (1650 miles/1779 miles - Mordor! Mount Doom is so close I can...barely breathe from the ash?! Only 129 miles to go - if I do 4.3 miles a day next month I'll get to Mount Doom in a month!)
Complete my home-made recipe book
Complete a colouring book
Support 10 kickstarter projects (9/10)
Do 10 things that scare me (1/10)
Destash my wool by 50% (reduced by 10% so far)
Read all the books I own but haven't read (8 finished, 1 ongoing)
Watch all the films I own on DVD and haven't watched (12 watched)
Make 12 sound postcards (1/12)
Watch 10 Classic Movies I haven't Seen (7/10)
Visit all the inhabited islands in the Hebrides (2/50)
Read the Temeraire Books (1/8)
Ask 20 friends to suggest one film and watch them all (list of suggestions made)

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