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I've had this open in a tab for several weeks, chipping away at various ongoing tasks in the hope that I'll have a few more finished, but I think I have to acknowledge that nothing else with be completed this quarter. (And hopefully that will make me be more proactive in finishing things for my next and final quarter. Hopefully.)

No. of Items Completed: 32

Tried 5 different kinds of tea
Make my own pizza
Make an iTunes playlist of my 101 favourite tunes
Find a new job
Donate 20 things
Make a photo collage
Watch a shinty match
Visit the Orknies
Go Vegetarian for 3 months
Go to 10 museums
Eat in 10 new restaurants
Make a calender from my photos
Make some sound art
Watched The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Wrote my Name in the Sand
Read 10 non-fiction books
Tried Yoga
Went on a Roadtrip
Baked 10 times
Learned to knit socks
Watched a live curling match (a tournament even!)
Watched a live ice hockey game
Make a list of 30 recipes I want to cook and cook them
Made a documentary
Gone to 25 gigs
Watched 25 documentaries
Made a pie on Pi Day
Completed a Walk to Mordor challenge
Get a broadcast credit
Attend the live recording of a tv or radio show
Support 10 kickstarter projects
Went to the top of a Lighthouse

Progress Made
Ask 20 friends to suggest one book and read them all (10/20)
Do the 50 books poc challenge (20/50)
Listen to 10 books on tape (9/10)
Watch a movie from every year since moviemaking began (39 years accounted for)
Complete my home-made recipe book
Complete a colouring book
Do 10 things that scare me (2/10)
Destash my wool by 50% (reduced by 10% so far)
Read all the books I own but haven't read (16 finished, 3 ongoing)
Watch all the films I own on DVD and haven't watched (16 watched)
Make 12 sound postcards (1/12)
Watch 10 Classic Movies I haven't Seen (8/10)
Visit all the inhabited islands in the Hebrides (2/50)
Read the Temeraire Books (5/9)
Ask 20 friends to suggest one film and watch them all (list of suggestions made)
Take a photo for each letter of the alphabet
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