May. 3rd, 2017

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When I reached the end of my last list, it never seriously occurred to me that I wouldn't make another one. I really enjoy them, and it always makes me get round to a whole bunch of things that I wouldn't otherwise. So I started a new list at the start of the year. This has been a little harder than the last few times becuase, I'm trying to stick to more realistic goals (I mean I tried that last time, but I didn't really succeed) so that more things actually get done. As much as I did get more done last time round, I'm still lingering around the 1/3 completed point.

I was feeling quite chuffed with myself that while I hadn't actually completed very many things yet, I had started a lot of things. Surely I'd started far more than I had this time last list! Not so much actually, it turns out that I'm pretty much where I was last time. (Though I do think that I'm actually further on with those things that I've started...

No. Items Completed: 2

Donated Blood
Tried Bubble Tea

Progress Made
Expand my Gaelic vocabulary by 100 words (20/100)
Read 10 non-fiction books (4/10)
Do the 50 books poc challenge (6/50)
Ask 20 friends to suggest one film, and watch them all
See 26 films I've never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet (5/26)
Go to 25 gigs (3/25)
Complete a 365 day photo challenge (started 1/2/17)
Watch a movie from every year I've been alive
Listen to a new artist every month
Bake something new every month for a year
Listen To The Observer’s 50 Albums That Changed Music (4/50)
Watch 25 documentaries (1/25)
Eat at 10 new restaurants (3/10)
Try 10 different types of tea (7/10)
Read more books than I buy over the course of the challenge
Make 5 new soups (2/5)
Read 10 books of poetry (5/10)
Finish 10 craft projects that are lingering about half-finished (2/10)
Donate 20 books to charity or bookswaps (4/20)
Grow some herbs/vegetables - herb seedlings planted 26/3

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