Jul. 1st, 2017

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Progress is continuing; some of it slowly, some of it steadily. I’ve finished one goal this month – completing a book of Sudoko. I’ve also started two more goals – visiting botanical gardens/nature reserves etc with a visit to Ness Botanical Gardens at Little Neston and The Arboretum in Nottingham and also decluttering the loft.
I have to say I’m amazed with myself, having set the challenge to not buy any books for a month on 5 occasions (2 goals – 1 to do it for one month, the second to repeat the previous goal on 4 occasions), I’m just entering the final month (5 days in) and if I get to the end of this month, not only will I have completed another goal, but I did four of the months consecutively. Even if I don’t get through this month, I figure it’s still pretty impressive to have got through three months.
I’m still hunting my final goal. Feel free to make suggestions, nothing has occurred to me for a while and I may repeat the no book buying goal again (maybe for 2 consecutive months twice). It’s a real challenge as I am often tempted, but I have been helping myself by keeping a very tight count of how far in to the month I am and how many days left to the end of the month.

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